Danny doesn’t understand why his world has suddenly changed due to a strange new sickness people call Coronavirus. This gentle and informative book delves into all of Danny’s new complicated feelings that range from boredom, anger and fear to hope and pride. 

Stay-at-home Hero is designed to provide parents and caregivers with a tool to discuss the Covid-19 crisis on a level even very young children can relate to. The wood-cut inspired ink illustrations are approachable to kids of all ages. I chose a black and white format so that the book could double as a coloring book activity for bored kids at home.

The book follows Danny’s journey of discovery on how he can still be connected with his family and friends even though the social rules have changed. The book empowers children on how they can help, whether that means making a friend smile with a phone call or even just by staying at home. Danny learns the many ways we can all be Stay-at-home heroes during this uncertain time.

Download free printable copy here: Stay-at-Home Hero

Purchase kindle version or paperback here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B086PPHRLH